1) How Does It Works?
As you already know Social networks have become very important in today's market.

And because everybody need a social push we have developed an easy to understand system to help you on your social journey.

Our Social Exchange website is working like a platform between social sites and you.

More Free Followers is developed to work with a coin system which can also be converted in to real money.

With so many options on our site we are 100% sure that everybody will find something for themselves and enjoy social boost which we can offer to you.
2) What Are The Coins For?
For our users coins are one of the most important tool on our website , with coins you can take a part in all social programs we offer.

Coins are automatically provided to your account when you make any following , watching or visiting action.

Of course we also have a option for you to buy coins packages and receive coins to your account without needing to follow , watch or visit anybody.

Also there is a very interesting option where you can convert coins for real cash.
3) How To Earn Coins?
When our users post social links to our site they also need to set up how many coins they want to spend on their social links.

It looks like this ... when you like , follow , watch or visit any of those social links our users have posted you will earn your free coins.
4) Is It Possible To Buy Coins?
Yes, Of course we have a buy coins option for you.

Just click on the "Buy Coins" button in the members area and then you will be able to choose from various coins packages to buy for yourself.

When you buy any coins package , it will be added to your account automatically.
5) Spending Coins?
Your coins will be automatically taken from coins balance every time when somebody like , watch , surf , follow or tweet any of your social links you have posted on our market...

Only what is important to continue receiving actions on your social links is to have coins in your balance and that your links are set as active.
6) How Does Coins and Clicks Works?
When setting your coins price it is a wise to rise it as high as you can.

Like - 10 or 15 coins per click or max 20 coins per click.

If you set your coins per click to be more than others , then you will receive more activity on your links.
7) What Is The Benefit Of VIP Package?
VIP is one of our most used option.


Because when you become a VIP Member you have more benefit then our Free members.

1. You can set your Coins Per Click up to 20 ... that will keep you on every front page , what means you will receive massive actions on your links.

2. Daily Bonus Coins is raised to 200 ... normal free users receive 100 daily Bonus Coins.

3. You will also be able to exchange coins for cash more quickly then Free members.

Plus lot of other interesting options which we provide for our VIP members.
8) Can I Have More Than One Account?
NO, we strictly forbid creating more then one account per person!
9) Is It Possible To Earn Real Money?
Of course it is!

We are offering few different options to our members to make money.

1. Option is from our " "Affiliate" page ... when you referral new members to us with your affiliate link.

2. Option is to collect as many coins as you can and then Convert Coins to Real Cash.

Also there are more options to make real money with us , so please follow our Blog and Newsletter to find out more
10) When and How Will I Receive My Money ?
First you need to have money in your Account Balance

- Account Balance is raised up with your Affiliate Referrals from your Affiliate link, adding money from your PayPal Account or Transferring Coins into Cash.

- Withdrawing earned cash from your Account Balance can be made from Withdraw Money form and do not forget to add your PayPal email address.

When we receive your request we will approve the payment in next 24 - 48h

Please Note That You Need To Have a min. $5 For a Payout.
11) What Does Daily Clicks Limit Means ?
It means that you can control how many clicks you want to receive per day.
12) What Does Total Clicks Limit Mean?
Total clicks mean that you can set the maximum amount of the clicks you want to receive in your social account.
13) How Does The Targeting System Work ?
First you need to know that the targeting system ( Get clicks based on Country & Gender ) is available only for our VIP members.

Targeting system works in a way that you can choose to receive Followers, Likes, Views etc. from a specific countries.

What means that you can select to receive Followers, Likes, Views etc. from just 1 country ( like US ) or choose up to 15 different countries to receive your desired Followers ,Likes and Views.

Plus you can choose which gender will be able to follow, like etc. your social account ...

Of course if you choose 1, 2, 3 or 15 different countries ... you will receive Followers, Likes, Views, Subscribers etc. only from those countries which you have chosen.
14) How Does The SuperRewards Work ?
SuperRewards is a special reward program to get more coins faster then ever.

It is Easy To Use SuperRewards:

1. Choose offer from the list.

2. Complete task as described in offer.

3. Be rewarded with Coins.

Also you can add your email and be notified when you have received your coins.

Here is How:

Click the "Get Award Alerts" button to receive a notification by Facebook and email when your Coins are in your account.


Because some offers can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete.

Can I Buy Coins Trough SuperReward ?

Of Course You Can ..

We Even Encourage You To Buy Coins Through SuperRewards Module!


Because Everybody Will Find a Payment Solution For Himself.
15) What Are Your Terms of Service?
By joining our program you automatically agree to these Terms of Service.

Members that do not agree to these terms should stop using our service and terminate their account immediately.

Misuse and Fraud:

Unfortunately there are those who try and spoil it for the majority...

Malicious scripting, adult or sexy content, or cheating will get you and your pages immediately banned for life, with all cash and credits zero-ed.

Don\\\'t try registering multiple accounts with disposable emails and proxy servers - we will know if you do and accounts will be banned/deleted.

Don\\\'t use bots or macros, we will know if you do and you will be banned.

Don\\\'t try and cheat our affiliate scheme - we will know if you do and you will be banned.

Pages and Sites:

NO porn, adult, or similar content or links (including provocative/sexual page titles, escorts, glamour/booty pages, sexy girl/boy and sex dating sites), casino and gambling (some bingo and established lottery sites are OK), med sales and quackery, hacking/cracking/warez or any pirate goods, pyramid/Ponzi and similar schemes, race hate or similar, extreme political, in-your-face religion, firearms (except antiques), banner, advert, or affiliate \\\\\\\'farms\\\\\\\', pixel advertising or iFrame farms - or anything generally offensive or likely to bring this site into disrepute.

No redirection to other sites or pages (affiliate redirect links are OK) or misleading download pages.

Advertising URL shortening services like ad.fly, Linkbucks, etc are NOT permitted on our exchanges. Bit.ly, and Moreshare are fine
Pyramid/Ponzi and some PTC schemes are not permitted.

Hijack scripts, frame-breakers, page rotators, pop-ups, pop-unders are not welcome here - play nice please, don\\\'t screw up the system for other members, thank you.

Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter pages are not permitted on the surf traffic exchange.

Pages selling Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers and similar are not permitted.

Referral link pages, banners, or forwarders to competitor social exchanges are not permitted by any members. Any such pages or banners will be removed - no credits or refunds.

Please don\\\'t add Twitter or Facebook pages without a profile picture or content if you want likes and follows, if we think the page has been set up simply to farm likes for onward sale it may be removed

Our content review team will disable page links where issues are present - slow loading, page hangs, or where content has been suspended by page owner or ISP. We will, in most cases, advise you of the reason for any page ban by warning notification, however because of the dynamic nature of the auto-surf operation on the Surf Traffic Exchange any pages breaking terms or causing operational hangs will be deleted immediately without notice.

The most common removals are for pop-ups, advertising URL shorteners, frame-breakers or adding Facebook or Squidoo pages to the surf traffic exchange

Competitors please see separate section below for details of our requirements.

Money Withdrawals:

- You must have been an active member for at least 60 days before you are eligible to withdraw money on our website.
- Withdrawal request can take up to 4 days to process.
- Minimum withdrawal amount is set at $5.00 USD.
- This could change at any time with or without notice.
- Withdraw will be denied if we find that you have been cheating in any way ( using proxies , iMacro , boots or anything like that )


If you run your own social exchange or social marketing service and want to advertise or add pages on MoreFreeFollowers you must contact us first - if you don\\\'t your pages and account may be banned by our software or human reviewers so please talk to us - we\\\'re open to reasonable suggestions for mutual benefits from established and popular competitor sites.

Referral link pages, banners, or forwarders to competitor exchanges are not permitted by any members. Any such pages or banners will be removed - no credits or refunds.

You May Not:

- Create more than 1 MoreFreeFollowers.net account for yourself or your business.
- Sell MoreFreeFollowers.net points or Accounts.
- Add accounts/profiles/pages/sites that you do not own or have permission from the owner.
- Use Macros/Auto-Clickers/Bots/External Scripts or any kind of Automation.
- Aggressively follow then unfollow, like then unlike, etc.
- Post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
- If your account is deleted you must not create a new account.
- Create fake accounts on MoreFreeFollowers.net or the sites we link to in order earn Points.


- We reserve the right to change our terms at any time
- We reserve the right to change our commission rates at any time
- Our decision regarding pages, banners, memberships, affiliate sign-ups etc. is final.



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